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    One of my biggest dreams was to open my own Art Studio. After 10 years teaching at a temporary studio, 2021 was the year to open my own art studio.

    In 2011, I graduated  with a B.A. in Art History from the University of Malta and in 2014 I graduated with Masters in Museum Studies from University of Leicester. 

    I teach students from the age of five up to A level standard. I aim to promote and teach artistic skills and encourage students to nurture his or her artistic talents. At the same time, I encourage my students to gain knowledge on the great masters. Different artists are introduced and appreciated during class for all age groups. I believe that art history and art should walk hand in hand, in order to  inspire and create innovative artwork.

    I also offer team building and creative art sessions/workshops outside the studio for companies, birthday parties, retreats or any other events. Sessions are open to all ages and material is also provided.

    Creativity is the sole part of my artworks, presenting a combination of design and bright colours illuminating the painting itself. Trudy regularly creates private commissioned works and since 2010 I have donated and sold paintings. Giving away my paintings is a heart breaking moment cause as;

    ‘I am a mother to all of my paintings’