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  • My Wedding Souvenirs

    Back in 2014, half way through my wedding preparation I came up with this ‘crazy’ idea of great responsibility, hard work and commitment to gift my guests with an original painting of mine as a wedding souvenir. I am calling it ‘crazy’ only because it wasn’t just one painting that I needed it to do but approximately 200 original handmade paintings.

    The idea was brilliant, it made sense! I was giving an artistic touch to my wedding, after all Art is part of my life. We both were highly considering donating a sum to a voluntary organisation, however the only reason we ditched out of the idea was because we both donate all year round to different charities both in time, and financially. Being that our wedding was a once in a lifetime occasion we wanted to gift something special to our guests, something to remember our special day.

    The idea fell more and more into place once we realised that a good number of our guests were foreigners, and so immediately I came up with the idea that these paintings should represent a touch of Malta. Five Maltese subjects were chosen;

    • A Traditional Maltese Luzzu
    • A Traditional Maltese Bus
    • A Traditional Maltese Door
    • A traditional Maltese Balcony (Enclosed)
    • A Traditional Maltese Balcony

    I was certain of one thing, that I did not want to do any prints of my works. I wanted each painting to be original and unique. The medium chosen for all the subjects was indian ink with watercolour and the size was A5.

    The process was very long which took approximately 6 months in total. Family members gave a helping hand in cutting the paper into the appropriate A5 size, mounting the passepartout and nicely wrapping them up in their gift bag. However, the drawing part, ink part, watercolour part, and signing part was all in my hands.

    I was very satisfied with the end result. My biggest scare was that some guests might not appreciate the painting and would eventually place it in the ‘unwanted’ souvenir drawer we all have at home.However, the amount of feedback I got from my guests was worth all the hard work. It was lovely to see my guests, confused on which Maltese subjects they should choose. Some guests even wanted to purchase the whole collection to hang at home. Some guests were even surprised to such an original idea and I was asked alot of questions about the process.

    Therefore, the idea was successful. I framed and hanged the whole set at home and each time I pass by I remember that my idea, my dream with a lot of hard work and commitment came true.

    Should you wish to complete or purchase the collection you can shop online (delivery free of charge) 


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