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    Hello and welcome to this year CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ART LESSON. This is a 2 hour session for children who love to be creative and are between the ages of 6-9 years. This is ONLY ONE lesson which will be held during the Christmas school holidays. It is the perfect time to fit in an art activity to make your child’s holidays even more fun! Here you will find all the information you need.

    1. When and where will it be held?

    This one session will be held on 2 different days & time, the session will be the same so make sure to pick on only one date. The session will be held either Wednesday 22nd December 5:00-7:00pm or Monday 27th December 9-11am. Both sessions will be held at my Art Studio in Tarxien.

    2. Who can participate?

    Any creative child who is eager to paint and learn can join. However, the most appropriate age would be between 6-9 years.

    3. What will the art lesson consists of?

    During the 2 hour lesson students will draw and paint a beautiful Christmas theme painting on a Canvas frame. Students will get to enjoy a relaxed Christmassy environment with Christmas carols in the background whilst creating art. Students will have a finished painting by the end of the lesson which can be hanged at home. A gift will also be given to each student at the end of the lesson.

    4. Which resources are needed?

    The majority of the resources will be provided. Please note that due to Covid restrictions, each student will be given his own paint in a palette, jar of water, glitter and canvas. No Sharing is allowed. Below you will find a small list of things you need to bring from home.

    5. Which resources do I need to bring from home?

    A cloth to wipe brushes

    A cloth or packet of wipes for hands

    An Art Bib

    2 different sizes of paintbrushes

    A pencil and a rubber

    6. Can my child attend if I already send her to your classes during the year?

    If you are already one of our students, YES you can attend! The lesson will be a different one from the lesson’s thought throughout the year.

    7. What if my child cannot attend on the day?

    In case of absence, NO refund will be given unless related to COVID/ other health issues. In that case, HALF of the amount will be refunded. 

    8. How much will it cost?

    The 2 hours session costs Euro 25 which will include most of the resources including the Canvas Frame and a gift.

    9. How can I apply & pay?

    All you need to do is to CLICK on JOIN NOW to apply. Your place will be reserved ONLY upon full receipt of payment. Payment is to be done by Revolut on 79320019

    Looking forward to meet you!

    Ms. Trudy xx



    1. Ella Caruana says:

      Yes, my daughter would like to attend this Christmas lesson. On 22nd December.

    2. Dorianne GRech gerada says:

      My daughter wants to come on 22nd December

    3. Michela grima says:

      Yes Michela would like to attend this Christmas event on 22 of December

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