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  • The World of Leonardo

    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in Milan. Besides visiting the most impressive structure in Milan that is the Duomo, I even booked tickets to visit an exhibition taking place very close to the Duomo. The exhibition titled The world of Leonardo Da Vinci is all about the discovery of Renaissance Master, by showing working models of his machines and digitalised restorations of his paintings in an unprecedented interactive journey.

    During my yearly travels, I visited all kinds of museums but never of this sort. I didn’t know what to expect when I booked the tickets. However, whilst stepping in I immediately got the idea behind it. The exhibition was all about models built by researchers based on Da Vinci’s sketch book. This exhibition was presenting Da Vinci as an inventor. In fact, Leonardo3 is an innovative research centre whose mission is to study, interpret and make cultural heritage available to the public through the use of avant-garde, internally-developed methods and technology.

    Distinctive works of genius are all over this startling exhibition… This exhibit should be seen.

    (The New York Times)

    I had the opportunity to leave my toddler with my family for an hour. This way I could appreciate this exhibition much more with my mummy duties off to the side. However, I must say this exhibition was so interactive in many different ways that an older child would have equally enjoyed it. In fact, this exhibit has more than 200 interactive 3D reconstructions, which are accessible for all ages.

    At times I felt like a child myself, especially when I gave a try to build the self supporting bridge Leonardo himself had invented. The Self-Supporting Bridge is certainly the most ingenious for its constructive and structural simplicity. It is in fact a structure made of simple circular-section beams to be assembled without the use of fastenings or interlocking joint.

    You can click here for a list of all machines found in this exhibition.

    This is a unique event for all the family, students, tourists and anyone interested in the discovery of Leonardo da Vinci, as never before seen. This exhibition started in March 2013 and will last until December 2019. If you are visiting Milan I highly suggest that you do visit this exhibition.

    Follow link to official website.



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