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  • Mixing Colours


    on how to mix colours

    Each artist could spend a life time exploring different colours as the result of mixing colours. An infinite number of colours exist and it is up to the artist to explore them.

    Here are some tips when it comes to mixing colours;

    #1 Mixing the perfect Brown’s and Greys

    The ideal way to mix Brown’s and Grays is by mixing complimentary colours (red/green : yellow/purple : blue/orange). Varying the proportion of the paints will produce quite a number of different hues.

    #2 Do not Over mix

    When you’re mixing colour on your palette do not mix until the colours are totally utterly combined together. You get a far more interesting colour when you mix the colour on the paper or canvas.

    #3 Colours on the Palette

    When it comes to putting colours on my palette  is to place the three primary colours (red/blue/yellow) at the far end of the palette separate from each other.This  will prevent from any paint getting  dirty, when it comes to mixing the primary colours to get secondary colours etc.





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