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  • New Artsy Tips

    I know it’s been a while since I last posted on my Blog. In the past few days I was very busy preparing for an exhibition I was taking part in which was taking place at the Cavalieri Hotel. For the coming few months I will be putting my brushes aside as I need to concentrate on writing my MA. dissertation now. Whilst doing so, I thought of posting some tips for artsy people out there who love to paint. I practice these tips myself so don’t worry you can trust these tips!



    Use a magazine that you have finished reading as a palette for your acrylics paints. The glossy paper won’t absorb the paint and after your are finished from your session, just flip over the page. this saves me a lot of time of cleanups and saves washing paint down the sink.

    If you are having a hard time with foreshortening or perspective, turn your canvas and the photo you are working from upside down! You will see the correction right away.

    To check your accuracy, view your work in the mirror.This will give you a fresh look rather than simply turning your piece upside down.

    Baby wipes are great for cleaning oil or acrylic paint off your hands.

    Be Creative,

      Trudy xx




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