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    Online Art Classes

    HELLO and welcome to my Online Art Classes info page. Here you will find all the information that you need to join my classes.


    A pack of  10 lessons will be recorded and each week an e-mail will be sent with the link of the RECORDED lesson. These lessons are all done by myself explaining and demonstrating a step by step guide on how to do a painting.

    Lessons will be sent EVERY FRIDAY MORNING between January 8th- March 12th.

    Lessons are according to age group 5-8 years and 9-12 years. Therefore you will be receiving the lesson appropriate to the student’s age.

    What will the pack consist of ? 

    Every week a new lesson will be sent where each student is expected to finish off a painting. Therefore, students will be finishing off 10 paintings in total.

    Students will be learning new skills, techniques and also about the Great Masters such as Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and the Impressionists. I also love to add a little bit of general knowledge when it comes to History & Geography, so students are also learning in a fun way.


    All lessons are held in English.


    The basic art supplies are needed. That is pencil, rubber, paper, poster paints and crayons and chalk. However, you will find a full list down below of all resources needed.

    How will you receive the recorded video? 

    You will receive an email weekly with the link to the video attached. Once you receive the link, the video is yours to keep. Which means you can play this video any day any time and can be shared with siblings, cousins and friends.

    What about feedback? 

    Although lessons are recorded, you may communicate with me by email [email protected] I highly encourage you to this and also attach images of the work in progress or the final piece . I will gladly send my feedback and comments on a weekly basis. You may also reach out through my portals  facebook page Art Classes by Trudy Gera or Instagram trudygera_art.  As always I will be happy to help.

    How much will it cost? 

    A pack of 10 lessons costs Euro 110

    Method of Payment 

    Payment is preferably done through Revolut 79320019.

    What do I need to do to register? 

    All you need to do is to click here to book now with the following details;

    1. 1.Child’s Name
    2. 2.Age Group chosen
    3. 3.Parent’s Name & Mobile Number. 

    Booking will be confirmed when full payment is done.


    LessonDateAges 5-8 yearsAges 9-12 years
    1Jan 8thWaterfall LandscapeFrida Kahlo Portrait
    2Jan 15thKandinsky CirclesTaj Mahal
    3Jan 22ndCubismVan Gogh’s Irisis
    4Jan 29thWaterscapeImpressionist Waterscape
    5Feb 5thThe Great Barrier ReefGaudi Stained Glass
    6Feb 12thMountain LandscapeByzantine Painted Portrait
    7Feb 19th Picasso Rooster PaintingMonet’s Birch Trees
    8Feb 26thEiffel Tower PaintingEgyptian Drawings
    9March 5thHenri Matisse CollageElizabethan Costumes
    10March 12thVan Gogh’s LandscapeTonal Portraits


    Resources 5-8 Years & 9-12 Years:

    1. 1.A3 Drawing Book
    2. 2.Pencil, Rubber, Long Ruler
    3. 3.Black Permanent Marker
    4. 4.Paint Brushes (Various Sizes)
    5. 5.Poster/Tempera Paint (most important Black, White, Brown, Red, Blue & Yellow)
    6. 6.Crayons or Oil Pastels (Various Colours)
    7. 7.Chalk or Soft Pastels (Various Colours)
    8. 8.Markers (Various Colours)
    9. 9.Watercolour Paint 

    Resources 5-8 Years ONLY:

    1. 1.Scissors & Glue 
    2. 2. x1 Black Chart Paper Size A3 (Lesson 7: Picasso Rooster Painting)
    3. 3. x6 Coloured Paper (Lesson 8: Eiffel Tower & Matisse Painted Panel)

    Resources 9-12 Years ONLY:

    1. 1. Pencil Colours (Various Colours)
    2. 2. Kitchen Salt (Lesson 7: Monet’s Birch Trees)
    3. 3. Metallic Markers Silver or Gold (Lesson 8: Egyptian Drawings)
    4. 4. Metallic Paint Silver or Gold (Lesson 8: Egyptian Drawings)

    4.**FREE** ART CLASS

    Click here for a FREE LESSON for Ages 5-8 years
    Click here for a FREE LESSON for Ages 9-12 years

    Hope your little ones will enjoy the lesson and being creative.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Ms. Trudy x


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