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  • Picture Hanging Tricks


    Picture Galleries in a Home are the trend at the moment. Hanging a framed picture is about as DIY as many owners get. But although it may seem easy, hanging art properly is much more than a haphazard task.

    1.Don’t eyeball it!

    If you’re hangin multiple pieces of artwork, you need to figure out how they’ll work together before you start making holes. My recommendation is to make a template. Use newsprint or butcher paper to creat true-scale templates of your frames, then use painter’s tape to figure out the best arrangement.

    2. Don’t use nails-well, not JUST nails.

    I know every one of you has hung a picture using a simple nail. I’ll even admit there are several in my home hung this way. But they are the picture most likely to gall off the wall or need regular straightening. A single nail hammered into drywall is not stable enough to support much weight, so invest in the right hardware. My go-to options are self tapping threaded anchors and screws, which give a wider balance point without using wire. I’ve also used steel, hooked wired hangers to great success.

    3.Use math!

    If you purposefully stagger art so nobody can tell that your frames are not straight,fear not. A little math will enable to hang series of perfectly spaced art works.

    4. Use a sticky not to capture dust.

    Since hanging artwork is usually a task done in a finished room It can create drywall plaster, or concrete dust on your carpet, floors or furniture. So just use this little tip: Add a simple, folded Post-It underneath your marked hole to collect most of the dust made from your pilot hole.


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