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    I was in shock a few days ago when I heard that the government was ditching plans to move the National Museum of Fine Arts out of its present site to the Aubegere d’Italie.

    At the moment, I am doing my Masters in Museum Studies and have been proudly promoting this move in my assignments ever since the news! I could not leave this issue go by and not post my personal concerns as a solidarity to all the other artists and other people who are fighting hard for this Move to go ahead.

    Auberge d’Italie was the original site of the museum and the move will make sure that Malta’s National Collection and International works can be in a place where they can accessible and appreciated by all.Unfortunately, the Museum’s current location is very limited to space and is tight to exhibit a large number of prestigious works at the same time.

    Our island deserves to have a bigger and better space to exhibit the wonderful works of art we are currently ‘hiding’ away from the public . This was a step further to acknowledging our works of art and help promote further artworks. The museum would be at the centre of the cultural area-close to St James Cavalier and the new square.

    If you agree that the Move from South Street to the Auberge d’Italie should take please sign the petition and click here.

    If you also want to be physically included,  take part in the BACK HOME ARTIST MARCH taking place on Saturday 23rd November. Click here to join the Facebook page for more information.



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