During the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in Milan, where I visited the city’s most remarkable architectural landmark, the Duomo. Additionally, I booked tickets to attend an exhibition situated in the vicinity of the Duomo, titled “The World of Leonardo Da Vinci.” This exhibit is devoted to exploring the life and work of the Renaissance master, showcasing working models of his inventions and digitalized restorations of his paintings, all presented in an unparalleled interactive journey.

Throughout my years of traveling, I have visited various museums, but I had never been to one like this before. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked the tickets, but as soon as I entered the exhibition, I immediately grasped its concept. The exhibit focused on displaying the models of Da Vinci’s inventions, which were built by researchers based on his sketchbooks. It presented Da Vinci as an inventor, which was a unique perspective to see the renowned artist in. Interestingly, the exhibition was organized by Leonardo3, an innovative research center with the objective of studying, interpreting, and making cultural heritage accessible to the public through the use of cutting-edge methods and technology that they have developed in-house.

Distinctive works of genius are all over this startling exhibition… This exhibit should be seen.

The New York Times

During my visit to the exhibition, I had the chance to leave my toddler with my family for an hour. This allowed me to fully immerse myself in the experience without any distractions from my mommy duties. However, I must note that the exhibit was so engaging and interactive that it would have been equally enjoyable for older children as well. In fact, the exhibition features over 200 interactive 3D reconstructions that are accessible for all ages.

While visiting the exhibition, I found myself feeling like a child again, particularly when I attempted to construct the self-supporting bridge that Da Vinci had invented. The self-supporting bridge is considered one of the most brilliant inventions of its time due to its simple yet effective construction and structure. The bridge is made up of basic circular-section beams that can be assembled without the need for fastenings or interlocking joints.

The exhibition is an extraordinary event that caters to families, students, tourists, and anyone with an interest in the discovery of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, unlike anything seen before. The exhibit commenced in March 2013 and will continue until December 2019. I strongly recommend visiting this exhibition if you plan to visit Milan

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