Greetings, my name is Trudy

and I was born and raised in Malta. As an art historian by profession I earned a B.A. in Art History from the University of Malta and a Master’s in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. However, despite my background in art history, painting has always been my first passion. Over time, my interest in various mediums has evolved, but vibrant colours and intricate details remain a constant presence in my work. My artworks are inspired by everyday life moments and celebrate vitality and joy. I create colourful and imaginative artworks that merge different subjects and designs in a balance between the real and the abstract. Although it’s difficult to part with my paintings, it fills my heart with joy knowing that they will be appreciated and displayed in suitable places. I am always enthusiastic to engage with individuals who share my passion for art.

For the past decade, I have been teaching art to individuals of all ages, ranging from young children up to A-level students. My passion is educating and instilling the love of the subject in my students. My teaching philosophy emphasizes promoting and nurturing artistic skills, as well as art appreciation and knowledge of the great masters, which are crucial in inspiring innovative artwork. In 2021, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of opening my own Art Studio in the heart of Tarxien, where I teach art classes to people of all ages. My ultimate objective is to educate and instil my love of art appreciation in my students. I am passionate about sharing my love of art with others and helping them discover their own creativity.