• Untitled post 304

    Amongst many museums that I have visited this year, I had the opportunity to visit the 17th century artist Rembrandt’s House in Amsterdam. Although what you see today is an interior that has been reconstructed on the basis of in-depth scientific and historical research, it still gives you shivers as you enter knowing that Rembrandt… Read more

  • Untitled post 278

    Visiting London is always a great idea, but this time, the reason for our weekend trip was even more exciting. Our main objective was to visit the “Making Her Self Up” exhibition about Frida Kahlo, which was being held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. As someone who studied art and art history,… Read more

  • Untitled post 248

    During my wedding preparations in 2014, I had a unique idea to gift my guests with an original painting of mine as a wedding souvenir. This idea required significant responsibility, hard work, and commitment, as it entailed creating around 200 handmade paintings rather than just one.. The idea was not only brilliant but also made… Read more

  • Untitled post 233

    During the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in Milan, where I visited the city’s most remarkable architectural landmark, the Duomo. Additionally, I booked tickets to attend an exhibition situated in the vicinity of the Duomo, titled “The World of Leonardo Da Vinci.” This exhibit is devoted to exploring… Read more